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Lambada Variant

Aug 30, 8:00 pm - Sep 1, 8:00 pm PDT

Aug 30, 11:00 pm - Sep 1, 11:00 pm EDT

La Vie Dance & Culture

Led by: Devon Near-Hill


8/30, 8-10pm

Solo Technique & Choreography

Adding Sauce

The first half of class will focus on solo technique and SAUCE. We will learn intermediate footwork and upper body movement on top of basics.


Learning choreography gives you the opportunity to solidify a sequence of movements in your repertoire, building neural pathways so that you never forget! Those who learn the piece, will be invited to perform at events locally and internationally when the opportunity arises….

Modifications will be available for every level!

9/1 6-8pm

Open Level Partner Work


Learn to transpose movements from lambada timing to Brazilian Zouk timing.


Define which key elements differentiate lambada from Brazilian Zouk style in terms of weight transfer and flow.


Review subtle cues and rules of the lambada “game” that make visual and physical communication seamless.


$30 each, $50 for both

Covid Protocols

**Classes are fully vaxxed, reciprocal masking required (bring a mask in case your partner wants to mask)


If you are registered, you can access the course link, info, videos, and materials in the my profile section of the website.