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Bonecas Lambada Follows Choreography- Ojitos Lindos


Led by: Devon Near-Hill


Join the Bonecas Followers' Lambada Choreography Challenge!

Get ready to spice up your style and improve your technique in this online offering! 💃✨

📅 Live online classes: Nov 2, 9, & 28th 4:30-5:30pm MST

🔥 What's in Store for You:

  • ✨3 High-Quality Live Stream Classes: Join Devon live on zoom to sharpen your skills with professionally curated videos that break down each move, ensuring you dance with precision and style. These will be recorded for your convenience. 

  • ✨7 Prerecorded Breakdowns: Master the nuances of Lambada at your own pace with detailed breakdowns between one and six mins long. Accessible whenever you need them!

*All classes available for six months after purchase!

  • ✨Performance Opportunity: Shine on stage if you choose! Showcase your newly-acquired Lambada prowess at the pre party for Elevation Zouk Festival in December—an opportunity you won't want to miss! (Performance is optional). Rehearses live November 29, 30 at Denver School of Social Dance. 

🌐 Where: Join us from the comfort of your home—this event is entirely online!

🎁 Bonuses:

Access to a supportive community of fellow dancers.

One optional 15 min feedback session with Devon over zoom for detailed personalized instruction.

🚀 How to Join:

  1. Check out here!
  2. Can't make the live classes? No worries! Purchase now, and you can watch the prerecorded sessions at your convenience now and the live lessons as they are taped. The event is available for viewing anytime!

🚀 How to Perform:

-To perform the choreography you will need a proficient level of execution for the part you which to dance. 

-Performers are required to attend one staging rehearsal Thursday November 30th and strongly encouraged to attend Wednesday November 29th. There will be a $15 fee per rehearsal.

-Performers are required to buy their own costume or coordinate with Devon.

-Performers need to have a pass to the festival at which they are performing. 

🎊 Don't miss your chance to become a Boneca! Let's dance our way to December's Elevation Zouk Festival with energia. See you on the virtual dance floor! 💃✨


If you are registered, you can access the course link, info, videos, and materials in the my profile section of the website.


Lambada Technique Cheat Sheet

Learn rhythm, counting, and some basic structure vocabulary to help you on your learning journey!

Choreo 1

See the full choreo here!

Choreo 2
Choreo 3
Choreo 4
Choreo 5
Choreo 6
Choreo 7

See the full choreo here!

Ojitos Full Choreo

Ojitos Lindos at DSBC. 

Live Class 1

Music for practice attached! 

Ojitos Lindos Live 2

In this video we focus on the second half of the choreography.

Ojitos Live 3
Ojitos LIve 3b