Free Vision

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A free open source library of computer vision related functions.

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Current Libraries

Cam-tools Canvas
Description This tool contains two classes which encapsulate the VFW and DirectShow for camera capturing respectively. Description Several classes providing a Delphi-like style of canvas. You can use GDI as easy as in Delphi by it in VC.
Version 1.0.1 Version 1.0
Download Sourceforge download page. Download Sourceforge download page.
DHW ... ? ...
Description The package implementing DHW (Dynamic-Histogram-Warping) algorithm. This algorithm can equalize the histogram of two images, especially for correspondence computing.

I. J. Cox, S. Roy and S. Hingorani. Dynamic histogram warping of image pairs for constant image brightness. ICIP 1995.

Version 1.0
Download Sourceforge download page.

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