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Efficient Follow - Head Movement Level 1

Oct 11, 12:00 am - Dec 12, 8:00 pm PDT

Oct 11, 3:00 am - Dec 12, 11:00 pm EDT


Led by: Devon Near-Hill


Available Oct 11!

2 Hrs of ALL NEW High Quality Prerecorded Bite-Sized Drills & Explanations

Includes 4 opportunities for Personal Feedback

6 Months Access

Section 1

Intentions in The 8 Sides of Head Movement

-How to distribute your weight



Answers to the question:

-Which way should I point my nose?

Section 2

Finding Balao

-Continuous circular movement of the head

-The four directional options of head movement

-Frango asado VS Volta ao Mundo

-Ways to test your technique

Section 3

Displacement in Space

-Prepping the head travel

-Linear displacement of the body in head movement

-How to keep your balance

Section 4

Advanced Directional Combinations

-Off-axis multidimensional turns

-One-footed turns

-Back turns VS front turns

-4 recorded assignments will be available as opportunities for personal feedback. This is a chance for us to learn from each other! You may post them in the following google drive.

*But How do I learn a Social Dance By Myself?

One of the most important ways to train for social dancing is building solo technique. It’s my belief that a dancer should train as many movement pathways in their body as possible in order to prepare for partner dancing. The Efficient Follow is a series of workshops that uses solo exercises to build strength, proficiency and efficiency of solo movement. The nature of this series makes it perfect for the online platform. The goal of this course isn't to train zouk patterns, but rather to prepare the body for safe movements and prepare the mind to identify and accurately execute the movement within zouk patterns.*Is This

Helpful for Leads?

Yes Absolutely!A lead is an invitation to a movement. How can you lead someone to do something if you don’t understand the mechanics of what you’re leading? As leads, the more awareness we have about what we’re trying to lead, the more specific, comfortable and creative we can be.

....Not to mention the perks of strength building and empathy creating.


This course is for anyone who wants to explore the art of head movement. You do not need to dance Brazilian zouk to join. It’s highly recommended that you take an in-person class before you apply these techniques with a partner.



($30 to retake)


If you are registered, you can access the course link, info, videos, and materials in the my profile section of the website.


Session 2 - HM 1.1: 4 Sides of Head Movement

Sides of Head Movement 

-How low should we go

-Up and Over 

-Moving from the “knob” 

-Things that go wrong

Session 1 - Warm Up


As you go, you may submit homework here. You'll find all the instructions by clicking the link below.

Session 3 - HM 1.2 Intentions & Alignment

Intentions and Alignment 

-"Neutral pelvis

-Position of the feet

-Intentions for freedom of movement & efficiency in the 4 sides


Session 4 - HM 1.3 In and Out of Positions

In & Out of Positions

-Relationship to knees

-Pressing through the ground

-Concentric VS Eccentric muscle contractions

Session 5 - HM 1.4 Eccentric Contraction Practice

Eccentric Contraction Practice

Get a chair!

-Neck strengthening and movement pattern training 

Session 6 - HM 1.5 Diagonals


-In between the 4 sides of head movement, like an asterisk!

-Where to point your nose

Session 7 - HM 1.6 Startle Patterns

Startle Patterns

-Why your very intelligent body might try to defend itself

-Typical ways said stress manifests

-Counteracting the stress

Now would be an excellent time to take a break and upload your homework for Session 1! 

Follow this link for more info...

Session 8 - HM 2.1 Finding Balao

Finding Balao

-Where to point my nose... continued

-Mapping movement vs using inertia 

-Entering from different sides

Session 9 - HM 2.2 Plane Drill

Plane Drill

-How to check whether you're twisting during balao

Session 10 - 2.3 Easy Exits

Easy Exits

-Moving from the core instead of the neck first

-If you have hair, how to get it out of your face

-How the knees can help

Session 11 - HM 2.4 Rotation, Revolution

Rotation, Revolution

-Define rotation and revolution in our terms

-4 combinations of rotation and revolution

-Create the movement "frango asado" or "roasted chicken"

Session 12 - HM 2.5 Inclined Spotting

Inclined Spotting

-Frango asado

-When to spot, and when to NOT

Now would be an excellent time to take a break and upload your homework for Session 2!

Follow this link for more info...

Session 13 - HM 3.1 Sup Nod

Sup Nod

-A safe cervical spine extension to the side

-How to absorb energy from the lead without getting whiplash

-Turning with an open chest and extended neck

Session 14 - HM 3.2 Intro to Spins

Intro To Spins

-Where to place your weight

-Stacking your center of gravity

-How to clean up footwork with the "pizza"

-Front VS Back turns

Session 15 - HM 3.3 Rhythm


-Walking with balao

Session 16 - HM 3.4 Inclined Turns

Inclined Turns

-Keeping your balance

-Turning with the head to one side

Session 17 - HM 3.5 Three Step Turn

Three Step Turn & Lateral

-Adjusting two common footwork patterns for head movement by changing the bend in the knees and placement

Now would be an excellent time to take a break and upload your homework for Session 3!

Follow this link for more info...

Session 18 - HM 1.4.1

Intro to Tilted Spins

-Plié exercise

-Ankle play

-Introduction to how to get power- Trunk Vs Floor


Session 19 - HM 1.4.2

Elements of A Spin

-Front VS Back turns continued

- Stopping 

- Getting power from the floor VS the trunk

Session 20 - HM 1.4.3

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