Remixing Head Movement-Level 3

Online | Led by Devon Jerry (Devon and Jerry)


It's time to get fancy.

Head Movement III, the ADVANCED course, focuses on tools to deconstruct complex head movements and remix timing and direction to express traditional brazilian zouk patterns creatively.

Week 1- Rotations, Revolutions & Orbits

Harness the tools to break down any head movement! Playful movement-based exercises to help you cognitively and physically understand rotations on all planes. Seemingly challenging all patterns will become a piece of cake!

-Rotation, Revolution, Orbit

-Dissociation vs Association relative to the feet

-Remixed Frente e Trais

Week 2- Side Chicote Remix

In head movement I you learned "side chicote". As requested, we'll invert the movement as well as continue the circle to create a yummy swirling vortex. We'll also work on bonus variations with an inclination.

-Remixed Lateral & Simple turn

-Dive into this mergulho Sequence

-Inclined bonus

Week 3- Soltinho Remix

One of the most fun movements to explore solo is the soltinho in a box. Within the square pattern, we'll be remixing the relationship between the feet and the head.

-Remixed soltinho box

-Remixed basic changing directions and cross body lead

Week 4- Energia!

Express ENERGIA with powerful explosive movements while maintaining a healthy spine. Understand how velocity and intention pair with different parts of the spine in brazilian zouk.



-Deep cambre

-Toalha vs Tornado


2 hrs of highly edited bite-sized classes

4- (optional) homework assignments with opportunity for written individual feedback (prompts to be added 9/1/21)

1-**15 minute One-On-One feedback session with Devon



*Is This Helpful for Leads?

Yes Absolutely!

A lead is an invitation. The first step to accurate and safe leading is understanding the mechanics of the follow's movement. As a lead, the more awareness you have about what you're attempting to lead, the more precise, comfortable and creative you can be!

Not to mention the perks of strength building and fostering empathy.....

*Pre- Requisits

In order to sign up for this level, you must have completed head movement Level 1 or have attended a Reconstructing Head Movement Weekender. This is for the safety of your spine and optimal content absorbtion! 

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    Course Details

  • Session 1 - 3.1.1 Orbit, Revolution, Rotation

  • Session 2 - 3.1.2 Association VS Dissociation

  • Session 3 - 3.1.3 Relationship Transitions

    Don't forget optional homework!

    Use this link and upload here...

  • Session 4 - 3.2.1 Side Chicote Review

  • Session 5 - 3.2.2 Side Chicote Vortex

    Optional Homework II!

    Show me some repeating head head movement pattern over lateral...Extra points for creativity


  • Session 6 - 3.2.3 Mergulho to Lateral

    Mergulho to Lateral

    Don't forget optional homework!

    Use this link and upload here...

  • Session 7 - 3.3.1 Diamond

  • Session 8 - 3.3.2 Footwork Drills for The Diamond/ Square

  • Session 9 - 3.3.3 Possibilities Atop Square Soltinho

    Possibilities Atop Square Soltinho

  • Session 10 - 3.3.4 Head Movement Atop the Line

    Don't forget optional homework!

    Use this link and upload here...

  • Session 11 - 3.4.1 Tornado-like Movement

    Tornado-like Movement

  • Session 12 - 3.4.2 Tornado Head & Feet

    Tornado Head & Feet

  • Session 13 - 3.4.3 Tornado Arms

    Tornado Arms

  • Session 14 - 3.4.4 Toalha


  • Session 15 - 3.4.5 Chicote "Whip"

    Chicote "Whip"

  • Session 16 - 3.4.6 Cambré


    Don't forget optional homework!

    Use this link and upload here...